Texas Site

  1. Finish survey and re-plot the parcels (and remove alleys). Estimate 1-2 months.
  2. Oncor connect lines – 1 month
  3. Prepare site for transformers and containers
  4. Install transformers & containers



December 2022 City allowed us an exception to go ahead with safety permit so Oncor can connect lines to our slack poles.

December 20, 2022 – There are multiple parcels and the city wants us to re-plot to one parcel and remove alleys, which do not exist but were planned many years ago. We were working with the civil engineer to get the work done and submit to the city and at the same time trying to negotiate continuing our work in the areas not affected by alleys.


October 2022 – Installing slack poles


October 2022 – demolition of the concrete on the site due to the concern with stability. The City initially told us they will not allow us to put anything on the concrete without engineers doing a test. We ordered test, but the drilling company was afraid to drive the drill on the concrete due to concern it would collapse. The drill is about 30,000 lbs. We have decided to demolish the concrete on part of the land and found out that the concrete was extremely solid! But it was too late and we are preparing the site without the concrete pad.

7/12/2022 Site visit with Oncor engineer regarding upgrades. Estimated completion 3 months if we get slack poles and site ready.

July 2022 – site purchased (escrow closed)

6/20/2022 Oncor confirmed 5 MW available capacity. That is the capacity we asked for.

5/29/2022 New Oncor request for capacity submitted. This time we did it correctly.

April 2022 Request for capacity started with Oncor. No response from Oncor due to our mistakes with submission.

March 2022 – we have found a parcel of land right next to the substation. Over 3 acres of land. Industrial zoning. Offer was written and negotiation started.