• We are building bitcoin mining sites which are 100% under our control. We own the underlying real estate. We don’t want any surprises and unnecessary downtime. We don’t want to feel helpless when miners are down in some outsourced facility. Our goal is to have as much as possible under our direct control. Please read more about us.
  • Electricity is automatically deducted from the pre-paid deposit each day. This allows us to reduce our administrative cost. We do a pre-paid deposit for hosting.
  • We will do simple repair  like exchanging PSUs, control boards or fans on site. We keep extra parts on site so there are minimum downtime. For hash board repairs we send them to a repair center from time to time to make the repairs as economical as possible.  Customer is always free to use their selected repair center and pay for the costs.
  • No minimum order quantity (1-5 miners are OK). But for smaller quantities we prefer hosting pre-paid so we can minimize invoicing frequency.
  • No CAPEX.
  • Electricity rate is fixed for the contract term. If the rate changes the contract can be cancelled by customer and remaining hosting deposit is fully refundable.
  • We offer free storage of your miners in our warehouse if you want to ship them to us before our sites will be available for hosting.
  • Site visits are welcome. We just need a signed NDA.
  • No set up fees. No disconnect fees.

Current offers

If you are interested in hosting please send an email to